Body Language For Confidence With Women

Show Confidence With Women With Body Language

When it comes to gaining confidence with women, your body language is very important. Some studies have revealed that over 50% of your communication comes from your body language alone while less than 8% comes from what you do say.

How can you use this to your advantage when trying to meet women.

Simple, you must pay more attention to how you say things and how you stand and act rather than focusing on what you say at least in the beginning.

You might even have the best game in the world and be able to get any woman to really like you especially online but if you try to use those same techniques in the real world and didn’t have any confidence like looking her in the eye, etc. you will crash and burn. She will not only see right through you but may even start to laugh or simply get up and walk away.

Seriously body language is so important attracting women. Here are some basic tips that I have used to project great confidence with women.

1. Smile

You absolutely have to make her feel at ease and comfortable that you are a fun and friendly person and some weirdo as quick as possible.

2. Making eye contact

This is a tough skill to learn and by making eye contact I mean not staring or even looking at her chest. If you do you will simply look like all the other guys who are drooling over her. You need to use all of your skill NOT to look at her chest which will make her wonder why her girl powers are not working with you. She will then seek your attention and subconsciously try to make you look.

You basically want to try to maintain eye contact about 70% of the time when you are talking. Try not to stare like a crazy person and just be natural. If you are naturally shy and tend to look away more then in order to gain confidence with women you need to make a conscious effort to make more eye contact. Eye contact is a fantastic way to make a serious connection with her.

3. Improve your posture to gain confidence with women

Although some guys can get away with a bit of a hunch most women prefer men who have straight and upright postures. Having good posture means that you have a lot of self confidence with women and are healthy and strong. Generally speaking it’s just a lot more attractive to women and says a lot about who you are, so make an effort to straighten up your back and sit up straight.

4. Gesticulate with open palms

I picked up this tip from a guide I read online and it works great for picking up women. What you want to do when you are talking to a woman is when you are talking to make a point or defend yourself make sure that you use your hands and have open palms facing upwards. Also keep your arms in front of you with your palms facing the ceiling and of course always smile when you are talking.

This technique works on the subconscious level by suggesting that you are being honest and telling the truth. Making a woman think you are being straight with her is important if you want her to trust you.

The palm gesticulation must be combined with a your great smile for it to be effective.

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