Simple Exercises For Gaining Confidence With Women

Exercises For Gaining Confidence With Women

Here are some simple exercises that will really help you gain confidence with women. If you are especially shy then this is perfect for you because you don’t even have to talk to anyone.

1. Find your local shopping mall and start walking around. When you catch a woman’s eye, smile at her and more often than not she will smile back at you. Don’t give her some weird big freak smile just a simple confident smile. Start with the shop employees because even if they don’t want to smile back they probably will. This is great practice and you will probably brighten up someone’s day.

2. After you gain some self-confidence with women by making natural eye contact you should move on to other women at the mall. Again don’t over do it with the smile. Some women will not smile back but most will. Don’t be offended by the ones who don’t. It’s just part of the deal.

3. Your next step is to add a “hi” to your smile. This may feel very strange at first but with practice and repetition you will slowly build more self confidence with women and after an hour or two it will feel natural and easy. You have to step outside of your comfort zone if you’re going to meet and attract women.

I told this method to a friend of mine and he ended up meeting his current girlfriend of 2 years just by smiling and saying “hi” to a girl he saw at the mall. He was and still is sometimes terribly shy but she was initially attracted to him because of his ‘self confidence’.

4. Here is another tip which worked great for me. If you see a girl and think you might like her don’t think too much about your approach. Simply go up to her and talk to her. If you think to much about it you will most likely work yourself up into a state that your approach will fail or you will just chicken out all-together. Within 3 seconds you should go and talk to her.

Also when you are approaching women or a girl by herself never ever approach her from behind. This will instantly invoke a negative response and women will be put on the defensive. You always want to approach from the side or from an angle in the front.

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